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[Closed] I want to study a course on education for students with special needs... Have you heard of this institution?

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Hello everyone! Before we begin, I apologize because I'm not sure if this topic should go in this section or in general, I'm sorry. I have been a teacher for a little over 3 years now, and in recent months, I have a special interest in taking a course on inclusive education to learn how to work with students who have special learning needs. I've seen one that catches my attention at TECH Technological University, but I would like to know if anyone has taken a similar course with them and if it's truly useful for expanding knowledge in this field. Thank you!

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Well done! Always great to further your own professional developement! If the course sounds suitable for you then go for it! Perhaps show your school SENCO and ask for advice too! Your local bourgh might also be able to put you in touch with some websites or other SEN platforms! 

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I haven't used TECH before but if you're looking for SEN Educational Courses I found FutureLearn quite helpful and not too expensive. Good for opening up future career opportunities

I think from your spelling you may be from the USA so don't have much insight into what the best platforms would be for you outside of my UK based knowledge!

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Hello! I studied a course at TECH. In my opinion, it has a good focus and provides you with a range of knowledge that you can apply in the classroom. In my case, I studied one about using music as a didactic tool.

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I have taken several courses with this university, and it is incredible, it is an excellent option since being online we can accommodate the schedules in our favor, in addition the content of its programs is of high quality, its teachers are highly qualified. and they give us full support in our learning.

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Hello, I recently completed a master's degree in special education in primary school, my experience has been very satisfactory, I have loved the content and the dynamism of the elements on the platform.

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Locking this thread as after doing a bit of research on this university and reviews being left across multiple platforms this looks like a co-ordinated ad campaign.


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