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Labour planning on giving teachers £2400 bonus

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Another genius idea...

Nothing for experienced teachers, and the amount will be quickly gone and ECT's will just quit anyway. Just government missing the mark every, single, time. 


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Saw this the other day, shame to see nothing for more experienced teachers and they only seem to be concerned with plugging the gap in new teachers leaving the profession. 

Most leave between 2-5 years and once you're past that threshold you're less likely to move on, as you get older career change becomes harder etc etc. 

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They are all as bad as each other, where is the updated government guidance on how they are going to reduce workload? How are Labour going to help with this if they win the general election? That's what I would like to know.

Money doesn't fix everything and that's all the narrative seems to be centred around.

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Still waiting on that guidance... It's funny how news of the strikes have now dwindled away never to be mentioned again


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