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Teacher strikes end - 86% vote to accept

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Seems like a really high number based on what I've been hearing more widely from colleagues about the 6.5% rise coming mainly from existing school budgets and a vague promise of reducing workload from the government... 

Nice to have the extra money but don't have high hopes of next term being any better stress wise 


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It's a bizarre set of events and I'm confused as to why there's been a complete U-turn on this from the unions. 

We have the worst deal in all of the UK and I imagine a lot of support staff jobs are going to be under more scrutiny now making life harder for all of us. 

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At least it's 6.5% across all pay scales, that was my main concern. Happy with it overall but would've been better as a lump sum as already lost a bunch to striking in the first place and rents are going up. No doubt we'll be looking at redundancies across the sector next year now too. Make the most of the holidays while they are here! 🤣 

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Yep, not surprised at all and we've essentially accepted a pay cut and lost pay in the process for striking, could have been £500 richer if I didn't strike at all and the result would have been the same. 

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Seems we've all taken a hit on this and bowed out at a critical moment, we should re-assess our self worth and take a leaf out of the doctors and rail workers playbook. Makes me feel ill that I took any strike days at all for this especially because I worked those days for free just to not be drowned in work. 

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Support staff accepted too, don't look like there will be any near term future action, I worry about the outcome for funding and TA's especially, we are already under staffed. 

Everyone at school think TA's/support are underappreciated & underpaid in general but there's never no action to do anything about it, shame really. 

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Happy to have the pay rise but I'm definitely worried about next year now and funding for support staff! 


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