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When does your school start winding down for summer?

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I'm a primary school teacher and this year it's felt like we haven't slowed down at all. We break up for summer holidays in the next 2 weeks and have only just found out what year groups we're being moved to and don't yet know what students we're inheriting. 

It's making me anxious because I REALLY don't want to have to think about organising a whole new class that gets put on my lap a few days before we break up! I make lots of effort to make the children feel as welcome as possible at the start of the new year with classroom decorations etc but in previous years I've been able to squeeze most of that planning in before end of term and just spend a few days in school towards the end of August. I have a busy summer planned and don't know how I'm going to make the time! Are we all in the same boat? 

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Oooph... My headteacher used to leave it late as well especially when we had to split the classes up to avoid the onslaught of parents for as long as possible 🤣 

We have a quiz day planned for next week (last week of term) and a summer fete, but it's some of the only bits of fun we've had all academic year!

Your class list will have to be announced early next week at the very latest, so make a list of what your priorities need to be beforehand and then just get done what you can before end of term

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We don't wind down until the very last minute on the very last day, but I don't work in Primary, sometimes I wish I did though

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No wind down here!

Curriculum timetable right up until the last day. Kids have missed so much learning we can not justify coming off it!

Plus I've put off so much I need to get done before the holidays


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