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Rising violence/teacher abuse in Secondary Schools

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Hi all.

Trying out this new website.

I work at a school in a highly deprived area and some of the actions of the students recently are leaving a lot of the teachers frankly on edge and feeling like we may have to start preparing to physically defend ourselves. Won't get into detail but teachers have been pushed/swung at and verbally abused for confiscating hidden phones or by just saying the wrong thing.

Exclusions/LA & SLT support don't even seem to be a thing anymore and we're constantly worried about being seen as "discriminating" against a particular student, even if their behaviour is abhorrent.

The only solace I can take is that in the U.S it seems to be way worse, I saw a video of a teacher being knocked out cold recently.

Our churn is getting worse and we're never fully staffed. Anyway, just a rant.

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Firstly, sorry that you've had to go through such things!

Definitely speak to your union rep if you haven't already and it is absolutely SLT's duty to remove students if there's any threats or acts of violent behaviour.

Make a diary of every incident just in case you need it as well.

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Yep seems to be getting worse especially in all major cities. I've worked in schools where every day feels like a warzone and let me tell you without a supportive SLT it just isn't worth it, look for another job. 

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And a stabbing at Tewkesbury yesterday! Schools are getting less and less safe 

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Terrible! The area is known to be bad but to see something like this can happen literally anywhere is a scary thought. Thank god the teacher in question is okay


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