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How do you react when you see students outside of work?

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Had a bit of a traumatic experience at the weekend.

I was at the bus stop when out of no where a troublemaker from my class and a bunch of his friends I didn't recognise came out of no where and to my horror started waiting for the same bus! I'm fairly new at the school as well so it made it even worse.

I ended up making a stupid excuse and waited 20 minutes for the next one just so I could avoid any further interaction 😒 

Obviously not the right way to handle it! What do you do when you see students outside school? Try and ignore or engage?

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Avoid avoid avoid! 🤣 you become an expert after a while, examine your surroundings

In all seriousness that doesn't sound all that bad and you'll get used to it once you've spent more time in the school, you can't live your life in constant fear of bumping into students in your free time

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It does get easier when you become more familiar at your current school and interacting families you teach. Although we see parents and our students at hometime every day.....we are also human too! We sepnd enough time with the children but it does not need to disrupt your weekends....I have seen parents at the pub before and also bumped into them at a festival! Best thing to do is to get on and smile through it! 


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All depends on the school and the friendliness of the pupils/parents, I think you handled it just fine apart from missing your bus, if they are troublemakers just ignore them 

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This only bothered you because you're new at the school for sure, once you're there a long enough time this type of situation will be a breeze. Just smile through it and if they are harassing ignore and deal with it in school setting, heard many stories of students that got into big trouble with their parents when they found out they aren't angels when they hang around the streets! 🤣 

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It's funny how students picture us as mythical creatures that don't have our own personal lives!! I teach a younger age group so am lucky that when this happens to me the kids have always been with a parent or guardian and are usually just excited to see me 😀 


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