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First week back blues, how do you get back into the swing of things?

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Currently in for inset day and feeling the pain of another school term looming and the inevitable madness tomorrow is going to bring! 

I thought I would eventually get free of the depressed/blue feeling I get at the start of the school year, how do you all cope with going back in after the long break? 

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Will never get used to it, even after nearly 10 years of teaching! Had such a lovely break but it always goes by so quickly.

I work in Primary and love inheriting a new class every year so that keeps me going, although they are bound to be very excitable today 😏 

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I'm usually so lazy over the break and went through so much chocolate I try to do a reset a week before term starts, get myself in order and start going on my runs again 😊 

Helps me to get back in the mindset

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First couple of days are always rough, I was dreading going back but it's been a relatively smooth start, although the heat isn't helping and my PPA time has been non existent! 

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Had a mad first couple of weeks so haven't had a choice but to get straight back into it! Had colleagues on the brink already, one brought to tears yesterday because of a particular student with SEN needs that requires about 3 specialist TA's that we don't have!

No wonder people are leaving the profession in droves, not good

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We are losing TA's left right and centre at the moment, not surprising with the squeeze on budgets and lack of recruitment into the sector, I also have some colleagues that have been really struggling without the help they need over the last couple of years.


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